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Buy Local. Play Local. Downtown Staunton.

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Check out these 2015-2016 Staunton statistics- feel free to post or share on your website!

  • Staunton has had 1,596,800,00 cumulative visitors since 1996!
  • Staunton currently boasts over 200 occupied storefronts
  • We’ve got a walk score of 89!
  • Downtown offers 44 Restaurants and Epicurean stores, and 68 Specialty stores
  • Downtown Staunton has an 87% occupancy rate
  • 482 Businesses have been created since 1996!
  • Property value has increased 254.54% since 1996!
  • We offer 100 Professional and Personal Services
  • Downtown Staunton boasts 64 downtown banners and 44 flower baskets



  • 68 cents out of every dollar you spend comes back into our community  ~ That’s $68 out of every $100!
  • Strengthens the local economy through taxes
  • Downtown restaurants generate  60% of the City meals tax!
  • Downtown hotels generate 48% of the City lodging tax!
  • Creates jobs ~ Over 1800 people work downtown!
  • Circulates your dollars throughout the business community ~ Independents support each other by purchasing services and products for their businesses;  80% goes back into the community!
  • Promotes freedom of choice ~ Merchandise buying decisions based on the wants and needs of local customers, adding diversity to shopping options!
  • Protects our own unique Staunton culture and history ~ Preserves & recycles existing architecture for future generations!
  • Supports local non-profits ~ Independents donate 350% more to non-profits than national chains!

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