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Bright Lights on Beverley

The Staunton Downtown Development Association (SDDA), an independent non-profit organization is pursuing the Bright Lights on Beverley project that will transform the evening streetscape in the Beverley Street area of Staunton’s downtown – it will feel safer and more welcoming for residents and visitors, and spur higher levels of activity after sundown.


How? By retrofitting the fixtures in 36 street lamps with 145-watt LED bulbs, which direct 10,926 lumens of friendly light downward, eliminating shadows while reducing light pollution in the night sky.

Following similar upgrades in 2012 (pictured here), the Wharf area has attracted numerous new businesses and seen a 75% increase in evening event participation.

(Wharf Before)


Existing Beverley Street lighting, installed around 1994, uses significantly more energy for only 5,500 lumens while losing light into the sky, making the Beverley Street area look dark and unsafe. Light intensity at street level will increase by 40% – enough to create a welcoming atmosphere but not glaring – and energy costs will be reduced by 20%.

The total retrofit cost will be $25,000, a significant savings compared to the $45,000 cost of replacing the fixtures. Our goal is to complete fundraising by Summer 2017 so that the custom fixtures can be produced and installed by November 2017, before the holiday shopping season begins. The SDDA and City of Staunton will provide project support for administration, marketing, procurement, and installation.

Please join the SDDA by investing in our community’s current quality of life and future economic vitality!

(Wharf After)


New Update! See Press Release for details!


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