Staunton Stories

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“Tale as old as time, song as old as wine, Beauty and the Beast.” — Mrs. Potts

As a kick-off to our 20-year anniversary, the Staunton Downtown Development Association (SDDA) is hosting “Staunton Stories”, a one-day event to celebrate and document the people that make Downtown Staunton a dynamic and diverse community.

During the event, local residents and business owners are invited to bring up to three original photos or hand-held items that tell the story of their connection to Staunton. These items may include contemporary or historic photographs, documents, or small memorabilia and may relate to local families, businesses, Downtown events, activities, social clubs, etc… Photos may be print or digital — we just ask that you bring them in their original format. We are especially interested in photos that share pieces of Staunton culture and history that may not already exist in established archives.

Contributors may drop in to the Smith Center anytime during the “Staunton Stories” event and should plan on spending 20 — 30 minutes. The items will be scanned and/or photographed and then immediately returned to the contributor. Contributors will be asked to share the stories behind their items on paper and (if desired) on video.

“Staunton Stories” will also be the premier location for the SDDA’s newest promotion, the Downtown Discount Card. Users will be able to take advantage of discounts in the new customer appreciation program. The first 100 participants in the event who sign up for the new Downtown Discount Card will take away their key to savings throughout Downtown and receive a free $5 Downtown Gift Card!

The data, digital images, and videos collected at the event will become part of an upcoming exhibit and an online archive housed on the SDDA website. “Staunton Stories” is being organized in partnership with the Historic Staunton Foundation, NBC Channel 29 and the City of Staunton IT Department.

We are looking for volunteers to help us run the event. All volunteers should be friendly, patient and comfortable working with the public in a lively, interactive atmosphere.