downtown is home

Visit downtown Staunton and bring a piece of your discovery home. Staunton is not only home to more than 25,000, it is a community that charms visitors and radiates the ambience of an old-world town nestled between the Blue Ridge Mountains to the east and the Alleghany range to the west. Let us invite you as we embark on a promenade of downtown Staunton, discovering the unique retail shops and restaurants, along with the many dedicated business owners who create partnerships, develop solutions and provide memories for both residents and visitors alike to experience and take home.

Local businesses have inventively and responsibly responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by addressing the manner in which they provide goods and services, making it easier than ever to enjoy Staunton products in the comfort and safety of home. Most now offer online purchasing, curbside pick-up, and expanded outdoor seating. Whether your discovery is dining or shopping, remember to always bring a piece of Staunton home to share with family, friends and neighbors.  Discover, and rediscover, Staunton. One of America’s favorite small-towns.

Nestled between red brick Victorian buildings and connecting to Barristers Row, the Mevluda Tahirovic Memorial Garden is the result of a generous donor’s proposal to create a memorial to his late fiancée. The garden is located behind the R.R. Smith Center and proudly maintained by their staff and volunteers. We chose this location as the perfect spot for a group of six friends to enjoy a fall lunch in the middle of the workday. This garden is open to the public during daylight hours and available for private rentals.

“Staunton’s culture and history, architectural charm and Shenandoah beauty provide a signature setting, yet it’s the people, creative minds and salt of the earth souls, that makes this community my home.”

~ Rachel

1 – Beaded earrings, Made; By the people, for the people
2 – Custom copper ring, The Copper Patina
3 – Leather bag, Sparrow’s Nest
4 – Scarf, Latitudes Fair Trade Store

“Staunton is a forward thinking town that is rich with history.  It’s become an ideal place for people to pursue their small business dreams.”

~ Mikey

1 – House of the Ancients & Other Stories by Clifford Garstang, The Book Dragon Shop
2 – Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Watch, Crown Jewelers

“Small town charm is embodied in Staunton. It’s heartwarming to have a close community where my coffee order is known and I can bring cookies and baked goods to my favorite shop owners. I love seeing that everyone cares for the city and their fellow residents.”

~ Devon

Devon is styled with items that can all be found at Design@Nine.

1 – “This Meeting is Bullshit” socks, Made; By the People for the People

1 – Tan Hat, Beverley Cigar Shop
2 – Citizen Signature Grand Classic Men’s Watch, Crown Jewelers

“The community of Staunton is simply the best. We have a beautiful downtown and mountain views, but the people are what make this place so special!”

~ Hunter

1 – Monstera Palm Earrings, Latitudes Fair Trade Store
2 – Lavender Open Cardi, Latitudes Fair Trade Store
3 – Amelia Necklace Gold, Latitudes Fair Trade Store
4 – Speck Swing Dress, Latitudes Fair Trade Store
5 – Embroidered Adult Face Mask, Latitudes Fair Trade Store

The group of friends enjoyed lunch from Taste of India, The “101”, and Clocktower Restaurant

Grey collapsible water bottle from RefillRenew

Watermelon-print, cloth lunch  bag from RefillRenew

Reusable utensils with fabric carrying pouch from Made

The Terminal List by Jack Carr from The Book Dragon Shop

Near Dark by Brad Thor from The Book Dragon Shop