Board of Directors: The Board includes downtown property owners, merchants and professionals, and ex officio liaisons from City Staff and City Council. Elections are held annually each August for three-year terms.

President, Anna Schoenduby
Immediate Past President/Design Committee, Bob Mortensen
Vice President, John Reese
Treasurer, Tammy Warren
Secretary, Crista Cabe
Promotions, Jessica Godsie Sawyers
Economic Development Chair, Bryan Hollar
Organization Co-Chair, Brenda Groah
Organization Co-Chair, Len Doran
Ex Officio, Steve Rosenberg
City Council Liaison, Andrea Oakes
Executive Director, Julie Markowitz
Marketing Manager, BJ Vaughn
Bookkeeper, Ellen Ashby

The Board of Directors conducted a Community Perception Survey in November 2016 and extracted a prioritized list of Top 25 work bullets. The board conducts a strategic planning session every year to determine a work plan.