Board of Directors: The Board includes downtown property owners, merchants and professionals, and ex officio liaisons from City Staff and City Council. Elections are held annually each August for three-year terms.

Acting President & Design Chair, Bob Mortensen
Treasurer, Tammy Warren
Secretary, Liesel Crosier
Promotions Chair, Jessica Godsie Sawyers
Economic Vitality Chair, Not filled
Organization Chair, Len Doran

Member at Large, Claire Richardson
Member at Large, Sarah Lynch
Member at Large, Brad Arrowood
Ex Officio, Steve Rosenberg
City Council Liaison, Andrea Oakes
Executive Director, Greg A. Beam
Marketing Manager, Hannah J. Adams
Bookkeeper, Ellen Ashby

The Board of Directors conducted a Community Perception Survey in November 2016 and extracted a prioritized list of Top 25 work bullets. The board conducts a strategic planning session every year to determine a work plan.