Who are your partners? (In addition to yourself, you may have one non-profit, one outside DSD independent business or other Downtown Service District businesses. Note: to be eligible you need at least four partners. Please add the partner information above) Partner Name, contact, phone, email, website, Facebook, Instagram
Describe the details of your event in 500 words. Don’t forget the basic details, location, etc. and how it connects to your partners. Does it raise money for a non-profit? How does it engage your partners or neighboring businesses?
Explain how your event idea will increase traffic and sales and positively impact Downtown Staunton? Consider the impact on your business category and the community in general.
Describe your target market for the event. (250 Words)
Are you planning on having entertainment ($200 grant)? If so, please describe.
Please select your top three dates from the options below.
Please submit a budget for your event expenses. How will the grant dollars be used? Use the template provided (See link at bottom of form and email)